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Car (C Class)

We specialise in teaching Beginner and Advanced Students the knowledge and skills to safely and successfully pass their Practical Drivers Assessment (PDA) to gain their provisional licenses.

Car (C Class) Manual and Automatic

We can arrange for you to learn in either an Automatic or Manual Vehicle however we prefer Manual. These vehicles are Dual Control to maintain your safety and to gain your confidence

 All Lessons by a Qualified Driving Instructor for C Class vehicles:


Driver Training Options and Packages

Driver Training with Instructor - Only $60 Per Hour

Lesson Fees

1 Hour - $ 60.00

1.5 Hours - $90.00

2 Hours - $120.00

Payments for bookings can be paid via your mobile phone App as a payment to our account or cash on site before the lesson. Receipts can be emailed to the client.

Cancellation Fee of $45.00 per hour pre booked will apply if cancellation notice to Good Times Driving is within 48hrs of the booking. This fee is at the reduced rate to help maintain low rates.

What’s Included

  • Specific lessons provided as per student requirements and or requests.
  • Log Book signed for hours driven and taught.
  • Drivers marking Guide provided for personal progress.

This package is designed for students to tailor their own needs and to gain further confidence in their skills. It is also provided for the one on one lesson and to have immediate access to a vehicle and Instructor to gain their hours confidently behind the wheel.

Also inquire about our full 50 Hour package.

What you’ll Need to Bring

Please present your licence and / or learners permit and log book to your    Instructor at every lesson. We highly recommend you invest in study of the Drive Safe Handbook for Western Australian road users. Please note that the Department of Transport will not let you sit a Practical Driving Assessment unless you’re fully prepared, and your Log Book is up to date.

Where we Operate

We can usually come to you if you prefer and if booking times allow due to distances between existing bookings.

For PDA’s we normally arrange to meet you close to the Rockingham or  Mandurah Licencing Centres on Test days, depending on our daily bookings and your circumstances. We are fully mobile, so we might be able to come to you if our schedule on the day allows for it.

If you want to gain extra hours using our vehicle for a lesser rate, then we are certainly able to accomodate this (Ask us about our Supervised Driving hours Package).

NOTE: a surcharge may or may not need to apply if the vehicle is to come outside of the Secret Harbour area for student pick up and drop off except for Testing. POA depending on extreme area / travel.

Driving & Education Package - Save $150.00

$750.00 (15 Hour Course- Save $150.00)

This package is designed for students to gain as much experience as they can within the financial restraints they may have. Payment Options and arrangements can be negotiated prior to course commencement, however these arrangements will be negotiated for payment or payments in advance.

Should this be needed, please do not hesitate in speaking with us.

Completion results will be reflected on Student Log Book Cancellation Fees will apply within a 24 hour period prior to booking.

This package will commence in a classroom like environment prior to moving out to the vehicle and then commence driving.

(The classroom like phase can be run at an individual level or with multiple students - Maximum 3 students - This is to encourage peers to enjoy the experience together)

Subjects include: (3 Hours)

  • Introduction to Vehicles - Types - Auto - Man - FWD - RWD - 4x4  (Theory) (How they work and how they respond differently)
  • Identify basic components of an engine / Vehicle (Theory / Practical)
  • Identify basic fault finding techniques (Practical)
  • Introduction to the System of Vehicle Control (SOVC) (Theory / Practical)
  • Introduction to Pre Vehicle Checks(Practical)
  • Introduction to Cabin Drills (Practical)
  • Introduction to Pre Vehicle Start Up (Practical)

Introduction to Driving:  (3 Hours)

  • Practice all above mentioned Vehicle Checks
  • Practice Basic Driving in Safe Driving Area (SDA) Ref to Marking Guide for progress

(This time frame may be less depending on Student ability and we may proceed out of the SDA within this time frame)

Practical Driving (3 Hours)(continue in SDA only if needed)

Ref to Marking Guide for progress Practical Driving in traffic. Ref to Marking Guide for progress


Practical Driving in Traffic (3 Hours) (Parents can be involved at this stage should they wish - for feedback or explanation of training)

Should the student require additional lessons prior to pre Test, the student is able to have additional lessons at a discounted rate of $45 per Instructed lesson

Confirmation of Training and PDA (3 Hours)

2 hour Lesson prior to Driving Test & 1 hour for use of car for Test (test bookings are also provided for Students)

Log Book signed for hours driven and taught. Drivers marking Guide provided.

Driving times above can be made into 2 hour slots.

NOTE: a surcharge may need to apply if the vehicle is to come outside of the Secret Harbour area for pick up or drop off. POA depending area / travel.

Driver Test (PDA) Package - Only $150


This Package is designed for any student who wishes to use Good Times Driving to secure a Test booking.

This service allows the student to be collected from their residence to make their way to and from the Department if need be in lieu of a lesson, or the student can meet us at the Department to finalise any concerns or practice within the time permitted prior to the PDA. It also allows the student to use / Hire the vehicle for the PDA.

Payment for PDA must be prior to the commencement of PDA.

(Allocated total time frame of up to 2 1/2 hrs for this service)

Extra charges will apply if extra time is required on the day. Talk to us about our Country Driving for Students to travel to a country Department for their PDA.

This will save you time waiting for your local Department for booking times.

Prices vary depending on travel distances.

Full Log Book Package - Save $500

Drivers Full 50 Hour Log Book Package $2600.00  (Save $500.00)

This package incorporates everything that is needed to fulfil a students Log Book including Night Driving. Ref to Log Book for full details.

We can even accommodate country driving with a PDA booked at one of the country Departments for extra experience. This can alleviate the long wait for a local Department being free.

Extra charges may apply for travel distances. Ask us more.

Supervised Driving Hours - Only $45.00 Per Hour

Supervised hours with our Dual Controlled Vehicle

Supervised Vehicle Hire -

1 Hour - $ 45.00

1.5 Hours - $ 70.00

2 Hours - $90.00

NOTE - Rewards only apply for Lessons and do not apply for Supervised hours

Hire of our vehicle for this purpose is payment at time of booking.

Hire of the vehicle is subject to the driver having correct licence or permit.  The Hire of our vehicle will come with one of our staff as a passenger to supervise the driver only in order for them to practice and gain extra hours.

NOTE: there is NO INSTRUCTION however we can sign the Log Book for hours driven but not taught.

This time frame can be suspended on the spot for any situation deemed to be unsafe under the Roads and Traffic Act. It also can be suspended if our staff feel that they are being put into an unsafe situation.

At this point the hire of the vehicle will cease and our staff member will return the client to their pick up point. No Refund will be given.

This package is purely designed for students to have access to a vehicle to gain their hours behind the wheel and practice what they have learned.

This package can not to be used prior to or incorporated with a PDA.

NOTE: a surcharge will apply if the vehicle is to come to the hirer located outside of Secret Harbour - POA depending area / travel.

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Paul is very efficient and honest and has great teaching skills in all levels. I will be highly recommending you to everyone that I know. Thanks for all your help.

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